Vladimir Gajdel – “Problems can never be solved with the same way of thinking that created them.” [Albert Einstein]

Joined in 2017 as an apprentice (mechatronics technician)

Current Position: 3rd year of apprenticeship (as of 2019)

What do you learn during an apprenticeship as a mechatronics technician?
In the course of the training one learns the turning and milling of metal parts for plants and devices, the assembly of frames and racks, the wiring of small and large switchgear cabinets and how various sensors with the self-programmed PLC (programmable logic controller) form an automation.

How were your first few weeks at Weber, and which areas of the company did you get to know during your settling-in period?
In the beginning I received an instruction how to work metal by hand. After this part, I learned even more exciting things, like working on a conventional milling machine, machining with a lathe or grinding with a grinding machine in the µm range.

What work do you do today?
At the moment I work alone on small mechatronic systems and support my colleagues with larger systems.

What do you like most about the apprenticeship?
The task vary and you always learn something new and most important: It doesn't get boring!

Why did you get curious about working at Weber?
Before my apprenticeship, I had already worked in production and was able to gain a good insight into how automation works, which I liked.

What convinced you to choose Weber?
Weber is a future-oriented company and the company is located close to my home.

What should a student bring with her or him for the apprenticeship?
Manual skills, interest in electrical engineering as well as technical and spatial understanding.