Caroline Treutel – “I am very excited about my job where I can resort to my experiences and also change things with a view to the future.”

Joined in 2018 as Senior Expert in Human Resources Development

Current Position: Senior Expert in Human Resources Development

Describe your career at Weber and your current job and position.<br/> As a senior expert in human resources development, I am the contact person at Weber for all questions relating to personal development and training. Working in close cooperation with the employees, I supervise and coach them along their career path. Since I have only been with the company since January 2018, I can’t really speak of a career yet. Even in this short time however, I’ve been impressed with how important personnel development is at Weber.

What do you appreciate about your work?<br/> Targeted development of employees is very important for working together over the long-term and in a mutually appreciative way. I am delighted to be working for a company like Weber, where developing skills and talents is firmly anchored in its corporate values.

My challenge is to identify, develop and take advantage of strengths, talents and opportunities together with employees and their managers. I am just as interested in supporting our trainees as I am in promoting experienced colleagues who are striving for a specialist or management career. Every day I am faced with a wide, varied range of tasks. Regardless of whether I am seeking out a suitable seminar for a colleague, organising or holding an in-house seminar for a team, or designing an individual development plan for a potential candidate, I love to support people in their development and in achieving their goals. I like to quote the German playwright and writer Gerhard Hauptmann: “Once a person has become a master in one thing, they should become a disciple in another”: I really appreciate being able to incorporate this attitude here at Weber.

How did you hear about Weber?<br/> I came across Weber several times on the Internet during my job search, but finally found my job in the classic way: via the local daily newspaper. I then applied to Weber via the careers page.

What made you choose Weber?<br/> Even in my first interview I felt comfortable, and quickly realised that the chemistry was right. This was confirmed in the second interview, and I had the impression that it was the same for those interviewing me. The interpersonal aspect was just as important to them as specialist knowledge. What's more, my position as Senior Expert in Human Resources Development is exactly what I had imagined for my professional future.

Who trained you for your work, and how?<br/> My training consisted of various pillars. There was the “round tour” that included getting to know all the managers in the company. During my conversations, I got to know the managers and their departments, the work they did, the communication channels and how everything was integrated into the organisation. In my own area, my manager and my colleagues in the HR department supported me in my settling-in period. I am very grateful for the time my colleagues spent with me. I still have questions every now and then, and I always get helpful answers.

I have also worked out, researched and chosen many things for myself. For example, the Weber intranet provides a lot of information. All of these diverse factors now help me feel ready to take responsibility for the position on my own.

What is special about Weber for you? Why would you recommend Weber as an employer?<br/> Describing what is captivating about Weber in a few words is not very easy. There’s a lot involved here - there’s the high level of professionalism with which customer projects are implemented. Then there’s the pleasant working atmosphere and the familial environment, which is characterised by appreciative leadership and teamwork based on cooperative partnerships. In your own area, you have a lot of freedom to shape how things work, and to implement your own ideas on how to improve things. Weber also offers attractive social benefits, such as a leased service bicycle, comprehensive company healthcare and flexible working hours in most areas.

What would you like to achieve in the future in and with the company?<br/> I would like to continue to develop in my field, keeping an eye on current market trends and exploiting them effectively for Weber. New findings from aptitude diagnostics in particular can help fill every position with the right employee. To this end, I myself would like to continue to learn and to motivate our employees to never rest on their laurels. Motivated and well-trained employees are the most important factor in a company’s success. I make an key contribution to this in my role, and help set the course that will continue to make Weber successful in the future.

What tips would you give an applicant?<br/> If you apply to Weber and are invited for an interview, be authentic. Come to us with motivation and real ideas, ask us questions and be curious!