Duan Feifei (Fly.Duan) – “Weber Suzhou is still a ‘baby’ company. What I want is for us to grow together.”

Joined Weber Suzhou in 2016

Current Position: Industrial Engineer

Describe your career at Weber Suzhou and your current position.
I started as an Industrial Engineer at Weber, and still am today.

How did you hear about Weber?
A management consultancy introduced me to Weber.

What made you choose Weber?<
I heard that Weber had a very good corporate culture and history. The company was still quite new in China, and I was sure that it would grow strongly in the future and continue to improve.

Who trained you for your work, and how?
Many of my colleagues, including those from Germany, helped me and gave me excellent support.
So I was able to learn a lot about Weber, as well as my own field of expertise.

What makes Weber Suzhou and the Weber Group special?
Weber Suzhou is still a ‘baby’ company. What I want is for us to grow together.

What distinguishes Weber from other employers in the region?
People work with each other on a human level, and the managers are better than those in other companies. At Weber, it’s fun to work together.

What met your expectations and ideas?
That I’d have good bosses.

What are your future plans?
My goal is for us to be able to increasingly align our manufacturing operations with lean principles, so that we can use fewer resources and improve profits.
I also want to grow and succeed together with Weber Suzhou.

What tips would you give an applicant?
We welcome skilled and friendly people to our team.