Jens Rauel – “Our lives are the products of our thoughts.”

Joined in 2017 as an apprentice (mechatronics technician)

Current Position: 2nd year of apprenticeship (as of 2018)

How did you hear about Weber?
I discovered Weber through a newspaper article.
I'm from the region, so for me Weber always represented a good training opportunity.

What did you do before your apprenticeship at Weber, and why did you decide on an apprenticeship?
Before the apprenticeship I studied mechanical engineering at the University of Applied Sciences in Giessen. Unfortunately, I failed an exam several times shortly before my Bachelor’s thesis, so I had to look around for an apprenticeship and came across Weber.

What were the first steps in your apprenticeship and what areas of the company did you get to know during the initial period?
At Weber, it begins with basic training, where you learn how to work metal manually. After basic manual training, we moved on to basic machine training.
Working with the milling, turning and grinding machines was particularly exciting in the beginning.
At the end of our basic training we built a model truck. I had a lot of fun doing that, as we were able to use and apply the skills we had learned on our own.

What is special about Weber for you?
The company has a friendly and cooperative atmosphere, which inspired me from the start. Problems and individual tasks are worked on together as a team. This makes for a pleasant working environment.

What met your expectations and ideas?
My expectation of a collegial working atmosphere was fulfilled.

What are you doing today? What areas are you responsible for?
My trainee colleague and I are currently responsible for maintaining a clean and orderly workshop. Every day there is something different to do, because right now we're supporting the more experienced staff in their work. This gives us a good insight into the activities of a mechatronics engineer, and allows us to get acquainted with mechatronic systems.

What should young workers pay attention to?
Initiative, commitment and passion are things that every trainee should bring along.

What are your plans for the future?
After my apprenticeship, I would like to continue my education in the same department.<br/>