Leslie Weil – “Be courageous and determined, and go to work with your heart and soul. Then you can achieve a lot and have a positive feeling about things.”

Joined in 1999 as Production Assistant

Current Position: Manufacturing Team Leader and Deputy Head of Department

Describe your career at Weber and your current job and position.<br/> I started in the finishing department, a part of the shop floor where plastic parts were printed, embossed and assembled. We also manufactured a lot of pre-series parts. I concentrated on projects and new series. Following the merger of the finishing and plastics processing departments, I worked in the assembly department until the establishment of Production Division 4 (PR4). We designed this new department collaboratively. That’s also where I got my start as team leader on the first management level. About a year ago I was assigned the task of deputy departmental head.

What do you appreciate about your work?<br/> Employees' active participation in shaping the working environment and planning production. New tasks and challenges make the job exciting and varied.

How did you hear about Weber? What made you choose Weber?<br/> I became aware of Weber through a former colleague who had started on the shop floor half a year before me. On a through the production hall during my interview, the versatility of the plastic parts impressed me. I found the assembly of moving parts such as mobile ashtrays for car interiors fascinating, and I decided to start working at Weber.

Who trained you for your work, and how?<br/> When I began at Weber, my colleagues at the time and my shift supervisor - who I worked with for many years - introduced me to my work and provided me with all the support I needed.<br/> When PR4 was launched, the head of production brought me on board. He’s now my supervisor. It was from him that I learned about the work of the department’s leadership, and he continues to support me in the work I do now.

What is special about Weber for you? Why would you recommend Weber as an employer?<br/> The special thing about our company is our good teamwork and the feeling of camaraderie amongst co-workers which can be felt at company parties. Changes and moving with the times make the job exciting and ever evolving.

What would you like to achieve in the future in and with the company?<br/> In my almost 20 years with the company I have had many experiences, helped to bring about many changes, sometimes dealt with adversity, and achieved a lot. All this gives me a close connection to the company; I hope for many more years of close collaboration with everyone here..

What tips would you give an applicant?<br/> My tip to an applicant? “Be courageous and determined, and go to work with your heart and soul. Then you can achieve a lot and have a positive feeling about things.”