Matthias Kunz – “I don’t just want to experience the future, I want to actively shape it myself.”

Joined in 1996 as an IT Professional

Current Position: Head of IT Department

Describe your career at Weber and your current job and position.<br/> I started at Weber when the Internet was just beginning to conquer the world. Hardly anything of what we do today in the area of IT was foreseeable, or even dreamed of at that time. Things may have surprised or astonished us, but nothing overwhelmed us. That’s why we were able to pick up on many of these developments and design our work environment accordingly.<br/> I started as something of a lone warrior, and got my first colleague exactly two years later. I now manage a department with 25 people, spread over three locations and two continents.

What do you appreciate about your work?<br/> I don’t like to watch; I like to intervene and actively shape things. It gives me pleasure to make changes or improvements. I also have a wonderful team with many long-standing employees, who share a similar urge to make a difference and who you can bounce ideas off at any time. I especially like the team spirit - it's important to me.

How did you become aware of Weber and what convinced you to choose Weber?<br/> I used to play in front of the Weber grounds as a kid. As a teenager I had holiday jobs in the finishing department, which is what part of the shop floor was called back then. But it was only when I came across a job posting in the local newspaper that I really began to pay attention. As soon as the interview started I thought " I belonged here, it fits".<br/> The new range of responsibilities was a big but welcome challenge for me, and I gladly accepted it. To this day I still have no regrets.

Who trained you for your work, and how?<br/> For larger company divisions, I was allowed to get up to speed with things on my own time, and had numerous opportunities to put myself to the test. My supervisor managed this all very well, and gave me the opportunity to apply my own skill set and ideas. In addition to various training courses, I learned a lot from working with my superiors and colleagues.

What is special about Weber for you? Why would you recommend Weber as an employer?<br/> Weber is my third employer and the one I’ve been with longest – 22 years. Maybe that speaks for itself. We hear from external project staff and partners time and again that we are a special company: pragmatic, friendly, pleasant... maybe it’s because we are always ready to reinvent ourselves. We inspire customers and business partners because we are enthusiastic about our own work. At Weber I’m allowed to be human, with my faults as well as my good qualities.

What would you like to achieve in the future in and with the company?<br/> I work in a service department that provides support for all employees and divisions. My goal is always to provide my co-workers with optimal, secure and constantly rethought IT solutions. We already have a lot of great features, but there are always new possibilities that might take us a little further. I enjoy making contributing to the success of the company.

What tips would you give an applicant?<br/> Employees are a company’s most valuable resource. I think the most important thing for a company’s employees is their colleagues. You spend more time with your colleagues than with most other people. O course, the work you actually do, status, money, distance, etc. are always factors. But the most important thing is working with people with whom you can achieve goals. Weber is full of people like this.