Melanie Weidner – “My job challenges and inspires me. I think that's great!”

Joined in 2012 as trainee (industrial management assistant)

Current Position: Junior Controller (as of 2019)

Describe your career at Weber and your current position.
I started my apprenticeship as an industrial management assistant at Weber in 2012. Gradually, I got to know more and more departments and discovered my passion for controlling. That’s why I wrote my research paper for the apprenticeship in the controlling department. After my apprenticeship I studied business administration with a focus on SME management at StudiumPlus at the University of Applied Sciences in Wetzlar, with Weber as my partner company. The departments of the practical phases can always be selected individually, so I did all practical phases and my bachelor thesis in controlling. Now that I’ve successfully completed my studies, I’m looking forward to starting my career as a junior controller at Weber.

What is special about Weber for you?
At Weber, you feel at home on your very first visit. The company is modern and designed in a welcoming way, and the personal interactions are truly something to value. Even as a trainee, you have the chance to participate in a number of projects and contribute your own ideas. For example, four trainees were essentially responsible for a project dealing with Weber’s mission statement. I was involved and found it to be a very instructive and beautiful time.

What met your expectations and ideas?
At the beginning of my apprenticeship I wasn't sure what exactly I wanted to do professionally. I was hoping to find out during my apprenticeship, and I succeeded. At Weber, the trainees pass through many different departments, gradually getting to know different aspects of the company. That’s how I discovered controlling, and why I know that it’s what I want to do!

Who trained you for your work, and how?
Most of my current work was passed on to me from my colleagues, who first explain how to do the work. It was great that my colleagues always took the time to answer my questions, because today I am able to work very independently. Overall, Controlling is a well-oiled machine; we support each other and understand each other very well.

What are you doing today? What areas are you responsible for?
I am mainly responsible for the reporting of the Weber Group and in this course I also monthly create a new forecast. This gives me a very good overview of the processes and developments at each location and enables me to comment on the various deviations in results for the management. In addition, I actively supervise and support the site in Suzhou in all controlling matters. In the annual planning process I am involved in many different topics. From time to time I also hold company lessons for our trainees.

What should young workers pay attention to?
I think it’s really important for young people to not be afraid to ask questions. That's how you can learn a lot and expand your own skills.