Rasima and Midhat Dankovic – “Weber is more than just a job for us, it's our home.”

Joined in 2002 as resident custodians

Current Position: Still resident custodians

Could you describe your career at Weber and your current job and position?<br/> We began as the resident custodians here at Weber in Dillenburg in 2002. Our work has been very varied from the outset, and has changed again and again over the years. You could say we do a little bit of everything (both laugh).<br/> My (Rasima’s) work includes everything that has to do with guest catering. This includes coordinating orders, preparing food and drinks, bringing people coffee and biscuits, and anything else that comes up. It’s hard to summarise.

I (Mido) am mainly responsible for preparing and arranging rooms for meetings and large events. I also work as a locksmith, and help with factory maintenance by doing minor repairs in the administration buildings. I look after the green areas and generally just keep an eye out to make sure everything on the Weber premises is in order. On weekends, too.

What do you like about your work?<br/> Our work is much more than just a job. We live here. Weber is our home.

How did you hear about Weber?<br/> A good friend of ours told us about the company, and we applied. That’s how we ended up at Weber.

When you look back, what have been the highlights?<br/> Over the many years we’ve worked at Weber, we’ve experienced so many changes and events that we can hardly keep track of them all. There was one event in 2005 when Weber became a music factory that we still remember. They completely cleared out one of the warehouses, and visually transformed it into an opera house. Friends of the Zipps, the family of one of the partners, performed here over the weekend and there were almost 1,000 people over both days. It was great. But that’s just one example. There have been a lot of other great things.

Who trained you for your work, and how?<br/> I (Mido) had an old colleague who worked in factory maintenance and was about to retire. He took me by the hand, gave me lots of work and showed me all sorts of things. Whenever I needed help, he was always there for me.

At the time I (Rasima) got a lot of support from the two chief secretaries, but I also taught myself a lot of things. The variety of my work has increased over the years.

What do you value about the company?<br/> We were so well received by everyone and feel really comfortable here. We originally came from Bosnia, and when we left we also left our family. So Weber has become a bit like a family to us. We are still in touch with many colleagues who no longer work here. Work is one thing, friendship is another.<br/> We've also always been able to work independently and freely, and to contribute many of our own ideas. Our bosses have placed a lot of trust in us.

What would you like to achieve in the future in and with the company?<br/> We’ll leave that to the future. We want to stay healthy and stay at Weber.