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Our challenge: the challenges of medical technology

Medical technology makes use of engineering principles and rules pertaining to the field of medicine. The key objective of this exceptional combination is to minimise risks when using the products, improve health and improve the patient's quality of life. As a full-service company, we provide our customers with unique solutions that feature outstanding benefits. After all, we're experts and suppliers for plastic medical devices and disposables. Patient and user needs provide the starting point for all our innovations. Our top priorities naturally include precision, reproduction and hygiene.

Product solutions from wezi-med

We stay in shape - always.

wezi-med products and solutions are mainly used in surgery and cardiology. These include various devices for use in the OR and kinematic surgical instruments for various surgical techniques, primarily for minimally invasive soft tissue surgery. Depending on individual requirements, we produce either disposable devices or reusable devices.

Disposable devices

In general, wezi-med produces disposable devices.

The advantages of disposable surgical instruments over reusable stainless steel instruments include a reduced risk of contamination and cost efficiency. Eliminating the need for reprocessing minimizes the risks of infection and maximizes hygiene. A definite advantage for medical professionals and patients.

Reusable devices

wezi-med can also meet the demand for reusable devices, supplying top quality products.

Our devices are distinguished by the fact that after correct reprocessing, they do not show any safety-relevant differences to a new product.

From theory to practice

We develop and manufacture customised medical devices working in close collaboration with our partners. We focus on improving safety, comfort and ergonomics, as well as reducing costs. All our natural creativity, materials, technological expertise and in-house mold construction makes us indispensable to our customers. Two examples of our areas of expertise in the market:

Suction-irrigation systems

Developed for intraoperative use in joint replacement surgery (e.g. hip, knee, elbow and shoulder surgery), as well as for cleaning bone and joint areas. Working alongside our customers, we have revolutionised suction and irrigation systems, bringing many advantages to patients and users.


The specimen pouch

We developed our specimen pouch to ensure the safe and reliable removal of tissue and organs in the field of laparoscopic surgery. It was developed in close cooperation between our customers and our design and development department. The result: a kinematic product that excels in being user-friendly and minimizes the risk of injury and contamination to the patient. Excels is a fitting term; in 2015 wezi-med's specimen pouch was awarded the "pro-K award".

You can read through the whole case study here:

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Other Products & Solutions

In addition to its revolutionary suction-irrigation system and specimen pouch, wezi-med offers other innovative, sophisticated products and solutions. Click on one of our innovative solutions and products to go directly to a concrete case study. Here we have compiled a small selection:

  • Dispensing aid
  • Housing cover
  • Project management
  • Handpiece for HF Surgery
  • Micro-dosing pump
  • Tool concepts
  • Development consulting

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