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Do you work with high-quality, complex products? We offer the best solution.

As a specialist in mould technology and production-optimised plastic injection moulding, we accompany our customer's projects from the initial idea to the most demanding forms of implementation. Working in close cooperation with our customers, we develop intelligent solutions to bring high-quality, complex products to life.

With a specialisation in 2 and 3-component technology, plastic-metal hybrid technology, stack moulds, high-gloss surface technology without weld lines and manufacturing moulds for clean room production, we are partners to well-known companies in the automotive, building and heating technology, household appliance, electrical engineering and medical technology sectors.

Multi-component technology

Cupholder Mehrkomponententechnik
Mehrkomponententechnik (Gardena-Griffe)

In order to create its complex products, wezi-mould draws on years of experience in the field of multi-component technology.

Using multi-component injection moulding, complex components can be manufactured from several plastics in one composite form, allowing us to design customer-specific, high-quality and series-safe mould concepts. New process variants and material combinations, among other things, have multiplied possibilities for all industries.

wezi-mould relies on the concepts of rotary table, transfer and index plate technology in the creation of multi-component parts.

Examples of different solutions can be found here:

Kunststoff-Metall-Hybridtechnik (Nespresso-Maschine)
Kunststoff-Metall-Hybridtechnik (Nespresso)

Plastic-metal hybrid technology

Components made of a plastic-metal composite open up new design possibilities that can be realized in high-quality, precise forms.

In traditional construction practice, plastic and metal compete with each other. Plastic-metal hybrid technology transforms this competition into synergy, combining the advantages of both materials. wezi-mould draws on many years of experience and proven mould concepts in the field of remoulding and back injection moulding of metal inserts.


Stack moulds

wezi-mould's tried and tested mould concepts and precisely machined guide systems turn stack moulds into series-safe products that can go the distance. As such, they offer real savings potential in series production.

A wide variety of applications require the production of several moulded parts on two separation planes in just one mould - a stack mould. This manufacturing method doubles production quantity per round, and thus also increases profitability. Individual solutions tailored to customer need make for an optimized production process of the highest quality, and increased profitability.

Multikavitäten / Mehrkomponenten

Multi-cavity moulds

Producing multi-cavity moulds with identical cavity precision

is particularly suited to the economical production of high-quality components for mass production. The rapid production of large series makes multi-cavity moulds an appealing option. Just one injection moulding machine allows for a combination of high output and maximum uptime.


Moulds for clean room production

The essential component of wezi-mould's concept for clean room production: High-alloy steels and wear-resistant coatings.

Different industries, different requirements - at wezi-mould we have taken this principle to heart. That's why we rely on high-alloy steels, wear-resistant coatings and grease-free guide systems when developing and manufacturing moulds for clean room production. Our mould solutions enable customers to manufacture clean rooms that meet the highest standards for cleanliness, hygiene and safety.

One example of a successful project can be found here:

Bindenahtfreie Hochglanzoberfläche

Moulds for high gloss surfaces without weld lines

Thanks to wezi-mould's experience and technical know-how, bothersome surface weld lines are now a thing of the past.

The central challenge in high-gloss injection moulding is to achieve surfaces without visible weld seams. At wezi-mould, after years of experience with this issue we have solved the problem by an intelligent coordination of the gate position, mould material and mould contour as well as a special (e.g. cyclic local/variotherm) temperature control.

Oberflächen Motorabdeckung


Employees at wezi-mould are deeply engaged with key topics involved in the production of injection moulds for automotive interiors: Optics and haptics.

The result of our intensive work is injection moulded parts for customers that meet the highest quality standards. These include products with surfaces of a specified mattness or high gloss and, of course, without visible weld seams.

Oberflächen, matt
Blende BMW Mini


In order to achieve high-quality, matte surfaces on components without need for their subsequent processing, a number of points require attention during the injection moulding process. Thanks to a tried and tested combination of electrode/forming material, we are able to produce product surfaces with a pre-defined degree of gloss in the field of die-sinking, or EDM.

Hochglanzoberfläche Brita-Form
Regelungsgehäuse Viessmann

High gloss

Whether painted, chrome-plated or spray-finished - the percentage of components with high-gloss surfaces increases daily. When it comes to mould concepts, this means top quality steel, perfectly designed temperature control and working with specialists who have experience in the field of polishing. wezi-mould offers all of these services.

Bindenahtfreie Oberfläche (Luftausströmer BMW MIni)

Free from weld lines

In order to produce a component with a truly high-quality surface, it is particularly important to avoid visible weld lines during production. Combining a sophisticated component simulation with steel grade, gating solutions (e.g. for complex hot runner systems) and temperature control design, we are capable of developing mould concepts for injection moulding that feature no weld lines.

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