Increased safety and user-friendliness with biocompatible plastics

Development of Master E-Sacs for endoscopic surgery

Entwicklung Bergebeutel WG100
Entwicklung Bergebeutel WG100
Bergebeutel WG100

Produktion auf einer Krauss Maffei 2K 110t mit automatischer Roboterentnahme

2K-Herstellung des Valve-Blocks auf einem Werkzeug mit Umsetztechnik

Der Bergebeutel WG100 bestehend aus Valve-Block, Tube und Spring-Rod

The development of new features for the Master E-Sac models WG100, WG112 and WG160 as presented at Medica 2013 by Espiner Medical demonstrates the company’s commitment to providing surgeons with pioneering instruments for tissue and organ extraction. By using innovative plastics, the Master E-Sacs provide more user-friendliness and safety as a result of improved stability and durability. The pouches have been developed in collaboration with the medical technology company wezi-med in Dillenburg. Alongside developing the instruments, the expert in plastics for medical devices and disposables and medical systems supplier is also responsible for the manufacture of biocompatible components.

The aim was not only to make an ergonomically optimised successor model to the tried-and-tested Master E-Sac from Espiner Medical, but also to replace the existing metal components with plastic ones. The result offers increased safety, both for physicians and patients, and a simpler and more intuitive handling of the instruments. Within the handle of the specimen valve block an anti-rotation component has been installed, which prevents the sac from undesirably turning during the operation. By using a flexible component within the valve block, there is no further need for a separate silicon seal between the valve block and the tube. In addition, wezi-med has developed a non-slip surface, which allows for more secure handling of the Master E-Sac during the operation. The haptically optimised surface, which includes tactile markings showing the directions of use, also makes it easier to position and adjust the pouch. Being able to extract tissue in such a targeted way reduces the risks of contaminating the body cavity. The stability needed for balance during precise operations is offered by the handle of the component that has been shortened by 12 mm, while maintaining the same single component length as before. This is also guaranteed by using polyamide: wezi-med uses this material, which demonstrates extreme strength and durability, for the manufacture of the spring rod. As a result these newly developed Master E-Sacs are perfect for the safe removal of tissues and organs of different sizes.

In developing and manufacturing the complex components for Master E-Sacs wezi-med, as a part of the Weber Group, benefits from more than 50 years of experience in research and development, plastic injection moulding and mould making. The plastic products are manufactured in the controlled production area under the clean room requirements of ISO Class 8 and therefore guarantee sterility and the highest possible precision for the most demanding of situations in minimally invasive surgery.