Editing instructions

The following form is used to report violations of legal regulations or internal compliance regulations.

Please note that only violations should be reported, that are directly related to or associated with the WEBER Group. Violations that are not related to WEBER Group will not be processed further.

Only indications that show a reasonable initial suspicion of an infringement can be processed. Therefore concrete data, facts or other evidence must be indicated in the report form. Otherwise, the report will not be processed.

The submitted report will be treated anonymously as long as you do not include your contact details either in the report form, in your email or attachments.

E-mails sent within the Weber organization with the Weber e-mail address cannot be anonymized for technical reasons!

Irrespective of this, the report will be treated confidential. In their function, the appointed whistleblower officers are not obliged to provide information to other internal bodies. External bodies (e.g. law enforcement agencies) may have to be involved if there is a legal obligation to provide information. In these cases, required data will be passed on to the official bodies.

Examples of reporting categories of infringements

  • Violations in connection with occupational health and safety regulations
  • Violations of privacy, data protection or information security breaches
  • Violations related to environmental regulations and/or non-compliance with product-related environmental regulations
  • Violations of (inter-)national labour and social standards (ILO)
  • Theft, embezzlement and enrichment offences
  • Export control violations, violation of sanctions
  • Cases of sexual harassment, discrimination, racism
  • Money laundering offences
  • Corruption offences
  • Accounting and bookkeeping violations
  • Serious injury to physical and psychological integrity
  • Serious violations of applicable internal regulations
  • Publications that damage the reputation of the company
  • Infringements of competition law
  • Violations of internally applicable compliance agreements
  • Violations of product safety and product conformity regulations

Please send the completed reporting form to: compliance(at)weber-group.com