We keep things tight – especially when they are heated up.

Since 1949, the name Weber and the product name wezi-lit stand for pasty sealing and bonding solutions in the high temperature range. Our product range for fire and heat resistant sealants and adhesives includes both high strength and elastic varieties.

High temperature sealants and adhesives

No margin for error? Welcome to our world.

Our products are characterised by their high quality and excellent processing properties.

Our product range provides solutions for a wide range of applications. Our sealing compounds and adhesives are mainly used within the high temperature range. All wezi-lit products distinguish themselves by their high quality and excellent processing properties. They are characterised by a special recipe that adapts them to the specific needs of the required application: whether it is elastic or high-strength, heat-resistant or fireproof, or free of asbestos and fibres. We can also customise desired processing properties such as viscosity and long-term storage. If required, we produce the water glass based sealant separation-free, so that no sedimentation occurs during a container's storage.

Our products find use in the following areas, among others:

  • Heating sector (in particular for sealing cast iron boilers)
  • Inserts for fireplaces
  • Ovens
  • Pellet boilers
  • Stoves
  • Flue gas pipes
  • Combustion chamber linings
  • Stove restorations, chimney and stove structures