We're not perfect. But we're pretty close.

At wezi-lit, we aim at nothing less than perfection. To do so, we have established a wide variety of procedures and control mechanisms.

Quality policy

Best results - not a campaign promise, a fact.

Our products' reliable quality, processes and services are key factors in our business' success. For us, quality means meeting the expectations and demands of our customers.

This requires us to adapt our arrangements and promises to customer need, and to consistently meet agreed upon quality standards.

Every employee has a right and duty to work towards framework conditions that results in products of perfect quality. wezi-lit views a continuous improvement in quality with a focus on prevention as a medium- and long-term precondition for effectively reducing cost, and an important part of our efforts to protect the environment. To ensure quality, it is first and foremost important to anticipate and avoid possible errors at all stages of product development and development as well as order processing, and to consistently eliminate potential and real sources of error. Preventive assurance and targeted quality improvements are a top priority for all employees. It requires the conscious commitment and active cooperation of all those involved.

We make sure of it with frictionless organisation principles and advanced quality management methods. Managers undertake to apply applicable QM measures in their area of responsibility, to constantly monitor their effectiveness and to adapt them to the latest knowledge and requirements.

This understanding and awareness of quality - as well as the attitude our employees' take towards process and product quality - are the foundation for our appeal to customers, and thus for the lasting success of our company. In the sense of Total Quality Management, we see quality management as a company-wide task.

Quality management

Our minimum requirements: The most demanding requirements.

Over the years, we have gained extensive experience in quality management on the international stage. We use this experience to the advantage of our customers.

We are certified according to DIN ISO 9001. Our preventive quality management rounds off our promise to customers to maintain a constantly high quality level.

DIN ISO 9001
Consistently high quality using reproducible standards, in recipe and production. We promise 100% quality and punctual delivery. Who profits? Our impressed customers.

Preventive Quality Management
All wezi-lit products are manufactured under a continuous quality control process. This guarantees reliable, reproducible qualities at an optimum price-performance ratio. Our preventive measures enable us to detect errors at an early stage and optimise processes, ensuring highest quality and customer satisfaction.

Laboratory tests

We leave the experiments to others - we play it safe.

Every single one of our products exactly matches the specifications and requirements of our customers. Our laboratory has the task of ensuring that there are no exceptions to this policy. This includes various tests according to DIN standards and special in-house testing methods.

Laboratory tests - wezi-lit

Laboratory tests we offer:

  • Homogeneity (Grindometer)
  • Stability (ISO/FDIS 7390)
  • Tack-free time (pr EN 14187-2)
  • Hardening process (measurement of skin formation, MQS Weber) dynamic viscosity (ISO 329, DIN 50214)
  • Gas permeability for carbon monoxide (DIN 50214)
  • Temperature resistance (MQS Weber)
  • Fire behaviour (DIN 4102-1, test B2)
  • Resistance vs. Condensate pH 1.7 (MQS Weber)
  • Resistance vs. Boiler cleaner pH 12 (MQS Weber)
  • Tensile strength, elongation at maximum force (pr. EN ISO 8339:2001)
  • Mass volume change after heat storage (ISO 10536)
  • Determination of processability (ISO 8394:1988)

Serial tests during production of sealing compounds

You can find the way if you know your destination.

During series production of sealing compounds, we carry out parallel viscosity and flow tests.

Viscosity determination & flow testing
We determine the viscosity of our products based on DIN 53211. This working method ensures that our products feature the necessary viscosity for use in cartridges, for example, or can be applied to and processed on the primer. Depending on the individual product, viscosity can range from low to high.

  • ISO 9001 (PDF)

    ISO 9001 (PDF)

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