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Social Responsibility

We invest in the future. That means we invest in our employees, and in society too.

Our employees are our greatest asset. This is why our corporate culture is characterised by innovation, quality and cooperation. As a successful and globally active company, we are also aware of our responsibility to society.

As a family-owned company in its third generation, our company partners and management board view it as their responsibility to increase the value of the family-owned company through profitable growth. For us, this means treating our employees around the world with respect, attentiveness, trust and responsibility. Lasting success is unthinkable without highly qualified, motivated and passionate employees. For this reason, we make every effort to be a stable, attractive and innovative employer; we want to offer everyone the chance to realise him or herself with us, and to be part of a larger community.

However, the management of the Weber Group is also aware that it has a responsibility not only towards its employees, but also towards society. For this reason, the owning family supports regional and cross-regional institutions by providing in kind and/or financial assistance.

Our Employees – a valuable give and take

Those who expect a lot must also be prepared to give a lot. For this reason, we do everything in our power to create a motivating and inspiring working environment for our employees.

We communicate constantly and transparently so that every employee fully understands and assesses the implications of their actions and responsibilities in their position towards the customer, their manager and colleagues across the various teams and departments. Each individual should be able to understand the role they and their work play in the company. The Management Board and the executives have laid the groundwork for this. Our goal: to keep our employees motivated and so inspired by their work that they give their best on their own initiative. This harmonious business environment is based on our motto, Weber Fascination – living and experiencing, and can be felt and seen by our customers in our quality, reliability and innovative power.

We value the heterogeneity of our employees and try to promote each individual according to their individual abilities. In this way we not only strengthen individual characters, but also each and every team and department. Management and executives are aware of the constant challenges and continuous changes in the various markets. However, we do not look on them as problems: we see them as opportunities that we must act on. We thus encourage our employees to improve on what has already been tried and tested, and to develop new options in an ongoing process of optimisation.


Our health and safety management system to ensure the welfare of our employees is certified with ISO 45001 certification, among other things.

  • ISO 45001 Dillenburg (PDF)

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  • ISO 45001 Legnica (PDF)

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Fairness for all

Mutual protection, fairness and trust are important to us. This applies to our dealings with business partners as well as to our employees.

Please use our whistleblower system if you suspect a violation of legal regulations that are directly related or connected to the Weber company.
We want to actively prevent criminal offences such as corruption, fraud, theft or other legal violations.
Therefore, we enable our employees, suppliers and all other company participants to report suspicious cases confidentially via a whistleblower system.
Every reported violation of the law helps us to avert possible damage to our company, our employees and our business partners.
Please use this template for anonymous reporting to ensure the completeness of the required information.

Social Responsibility

Weber's owning family is aware of its social responsibility. This is expressed in the form of donations and in kind assistance.

As business owners, the entire Zipp family is aware of its social responsibility. This is expressed in the form of donations and in kind assistance. We support social, sporting, medical and educational institutions as well as facilities and projects, both at home in Germany and around the world.

But wherever we can, we also help individuals whose stories especially move or touch us. Whether in money or deed, we always begin by establishing personal contact with organisations or individuals so that we can ensure that help arrives where it’s most needed.

The following organisations, associations and people are amongst those who today rely on our support.