Our Business Locations and the Surrounding Regions

Location, location, location: it’s just as true at work as at home.

The Weber Group offers attractive jobs in attractive regions at three locations worldwide. Whether it is Dillenburg in Germany, Legnica in Poland or Suzhou in China, each region has its own unique charm, and is just as interesting for young professionals as it is for experienced specialists and executives.

Standort Dillenburg
Standort Dillenburg: Wilhelmsturm

Dillenburg, Germany

More than 700 years old, Dillenburg is characterised by its historical central district featuring half-timbered houses. The town is located in the Lahn-Dill district in central Hessen, just over an hour’s drive north of the financial metropolis of Frankfurt am Main. Dillenburg combines the hustle and bustle of a strong economy with the tranquillity and beauty of the Lahn-Dill mountains.

Dillenburg’s history is marked by its connection to the Dutch royal family: In the 16th century, Wilhelm I of Orange, who was born in Dillenburg, organised the Netherlands resistance against Spain from exile in Dillenburg Castle. Dillenburg is thus considered the cradle of the Dutch royal family.

The landmark of the city is a tower named the Wilhelmsturm. Nestled in between the numerous old half-timbered houses and the River Dill which flows around the Schlossberg, it shapes the image of the town.


  • Car: Well connected, on the A45, the so-called Sauerlandlinie (Rhine-Main area to the Ruhr area)
  • Train: The Dill route via Wetzlar and Siegen (part of the Cologne-Giessen route) connects central Hessen with the Rhineland and the Ruhr area
  • Air: Frankfurt Airport (approx. 100 km), Cologne-Bonn Airport (approx. 120 km), Siegerland Airport (approx. 20 km)


  • The city of Dillenburg offers a wide range of opportunities for childcare, education and training.
  • Twelve daycare centres run by churches, AWO (a workers’ welfare association) and the city of Dillenburg set children off on the right foot.
  • Dillenburg’s schools are also not to be underestimated: Dillenburg has primary schools with childcare facilities, secondary and high schools, a grammar school, vocational schools and a special-needs school.
  • You will also find the right course in continuing education – for either leisure or work – at the Lahn Dill Academy in Dillenburg.

    Culture and Sights in the Town of Dillenburg

    • Whether it's the Hessian State Stud, an exquisite praline chocolate experience or a family day in the wildlife park – you can find it all in Dillenburg.
    • Various museums on the history of Dillenburg
    • Pedestrian zone in the city centre
    • Various regional festivities such as the Hubertus Market, active and vibrant sports clubs (especially for swimming and athletics) and many other possibilities

    Culture and Sights in the Dillenburg Region

    • A number of hiking trails such as the Rothaarsteig, Lahn-Dill-Bergland-Pfad and the Uplandweg and cycle paths such as the Hessian R8 cycle path make their way through Dillenburg.
    • Numerous lakes like Aartalsee, Krombachtalsperre and Wiesensee
    • Shopping centres in Siegen and Wetzlar
    • Castles in Marburg, Weilburg and Limburg

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    Standort Legnica
    Standort Legnica: Altstadt

    Legnica, Poland

    Located in the heart of Lower Silesia, Legnica is about 40 minutes by car from Wrocław. Having obtained its town charter in 1264, it can look back on 700 years of history. A lot has happened since then. Legnica has since developed into a modern city with around 100,000 inhabitants, making it the third largest city in Lower Silesia. Legnica combines history and culture with a strongly developing economy. It is not for nothing that the advertising slogan of the town is “There’s no road that doesn’t lead to Legnica” Its location in the middle of Lower Silesia offers many possibilities for work, education and leisure.


    • Car: Motorway A4 Dresden-Breslau; Expressway S3
    • Train: well connected via the E-30 III line, a European transport corridor; there are also local lines between towns in Lower Silesia
    • Air: Wrocław Airport (approx. 80 km), Poznań Airport (approx. 180 km), Katowice Airport (approx. 250 km)


    • About 39 day-care centres provide children a good start in life and parents the space and opportunity to develop their careers.
    • Legnica's schools should also not be underestimated: you will find primary schools with childcare facilities, vocational schools, technical colleges and secondary schools.
    • Adults are sure to find the right programme to develop themselves in Legnica – or to make their leisure time more interesting.

    Culture and Sights in the Town of Legnica

    • The town of Legnica holds many interesting historical sights: Piastowski Castle (Zamek Piastowski), the Cathedral of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul (Katedra Świętych Apostołów Piotra i Pawła), the Old Town Hall (Stary Ratusz), the Church of the Virgin Mary (Kościół Marii Panny), Cornucopia House (Kamienica Pod Przepiórczym Koszem) and much more.
    • Numerous leisure activities: Freizeitmöglichkeiten: cycling and hiking trails; historical hiking trails, the Old Park and the Palm House
    • A diverse cultural life: the theatre, museum and the Satyrykon
    • Numerous sports clubs, leisure groups, etc.

    Culture and Sights in the Legnica Region

    • The historical city of Wrocław, Legnickie Pole Monastery, Kliczków Castle, the Peace Church in Jawor and Świdnica, the Cistercian Abbey of Leubus and many other historically significant sights
    • Tourist destinations such as Karpacz and Szkalarska Poręba and many other leisure activities, both in summer and in winter
    • Shopping centres in Legnica, Lubin and Wrocław

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    Standort China
    Standort Suzhou, China

    Suzhou, China

    Suzhou is located in southern Jiangsu Province, with Shanghai to the east, Zhejiang Province to the south, Wuxi City to the west and the Yangtze River to the north. Founded in 514 BC, the town boasts a 2500 year history. Suzhou is famous for its classical gardens and beautiful scenery, which is called Heaven on Earth by local residents. Today, Suzhou is a modern city with a flourishing economy, located in the middle of the Yangtze River Delta Economic Circle. It is the second largest city in eastern China, after Shanghai. As an international city, Suzhou presents a harmonious mixture of classic and modern.


    • Metro: 3 lines in operation, 2 lines under construction
    • Train: Well connected via the Suzhou Railway Station (Shanghai-Nanjing Intercity Railway) and Suzhoubei Railway Station (Beijing-Shanghai High-Speed Railway)
    • Air: Shanghai Hongqiao Airport (ca. 100 km), Shanghai Pudong Airport (ca. 150 km), Nanjing Lukou Airport (ca. 200 km), Wuxi Shuofang Airport (ca. 40 km)


    • There are many universities in Suzhou:
      • Soochow University
      • Suzhou University of Science and Technology
      • Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University
      • Duke Kunshan University
      • Changshu Institute of Technology

    Culture and Sights

    • Gardens: Humble Administration Garden; Lingering Garden; Master-of-Nets Garden; Pavilion of Surging Waves; Lion Forest Garden; Tiger Hill
    • Water cities: Zhouzhuang Town; Tong Li Ancient Town; Mudu Ancient Town