Employee Voices

First-hand information.

More than 1,400 people work for the Weber Group. Some of these employees have described their own personal take on working at Weber.

A company can only be successful if it takes good care of its employees. At the Weber Group, this is shown by interviews with employees working at every Weber Group location who hold a number of different positions – from the residential custodians to the management assistant. See for yourself the diversity of work at Weber, and the broad scope of our employees' life histories and careers.

Zhang Laifei – “Here I can use all my abilities and strengths.”

Joined Weber Suzhou in 2016

Current Position: Shift Supervisor for Plastic Injection Moulding

Jiang Vincent – “The difference is that we really work as teams.”

Joined Weber Suzhou in 2012

Current Position: Head of Product Groups

Łukasz Serwatka – “Believe in yourself and start taking action”

Joined wezi-tec in 2005 as a mechanic

Current Position: Paint Shop Application Technician

Katarzyna Kurczab – “If you can imagine something, you can do it”

Joined wezi-tec in 2012 as a production employee

Current Position: Head of a production department

Duan Feifei (Fly.Duan) – “Weber Suzhou is still a ‘baby’ company. What…

Joined Weber Suzhou in 2016

Current Position: Operation Manager

Heiner Marburger – “My goal: creating the foundation to…

Joined in 2007 as an intern and 2008 as Quality Planner

Current Position: Organisation Developer

Benjamin Stolz – “What I like most about my job is working on my own…

Joined in 2000 as trainee (Operations Machinist for Plastics and Rubber Technology)

Current Position: Head of Design & Production of the wezi-lit…

Franziska Buckard and Esther Fritz – “You learn by doing it”

Joined in 2016 as apprentices (industrial management assistants)

Current Position: 3rd year of apprenticeship

Rasima and Midhat Dankovic – “Weber is more than just a job for us,…

Joined in 2002 as resident custodians

Current Position: Still resident custodians