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Our skill - your advantage.

If you want to be considered an expert in the field, you have to demonstrate know-how at the highest levels. That's why at Weber Plastics Technology, we work with experts from each and every discipline that is relevant to our customers, so we can always provide our customers with the right solution.

Kinematik Ablagefach Ascherpaket
Kinematik Cupholder Haltearm
Kinematik Ablagefach Cupholder
Kinematik Luftausströmer
Kinematik Ablagesystem


We not only ensure our modules and systems' functionality and operability, we also guarantee an individualised, seamless integration into every product concept. In this way, we support brand-specific design language - for each and every customer and project. In addition to functionality, haptics play an important role. It is a decisive factor in determining whether a customer feels comfortable with the product or not. Weber Plastics Technology further meets customer product requirements for protection from mistreatment at all times. We guarantee 100% compliance with our customers' specifications.

For decades, we have been recognised across the globe as a leading specialist in plastic modules. With our natural creativity and inventiveness, we have established ourselves as partners to luxury, upper and middle-class automobile manufacturers. In addition to ash trays, cupholders, storage systems and fresh air vents, our portfolio also includes center console modules.

Examples of different solutions can be found here:

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Elektromechanik Sonnenschutzrollo


Weber Plastics Technology is an expert in providing mechatronic solutions. Depending on customer requirements, plastic components, modules and systems are combined and carried out with electromechanical drives and electrical control elements. When implementing projects, our focus is on function and ease of use.

A case study of one of our solutions can be found here:


Hybrid technology

In traditional construction, plastic and metal compete with each other. Plastic-metal hybrid technology transforms competition into synergy, combining the advantages of both materials. The resulting synergetic effect of hybrid structures raises the potential for lightweight construction to a new level, one that could not be achieved by any single material on its own. This also enables considerable saving with regards to cost and weight.

Possible applications include the (partial) substitution of pure metal solutions, as well as decorative solutions in natural materials by direct injection moulding of aluminium or stainless steel panels with plastic. Another possible application is stabilisation. Plastic-metal hybrid technology is used when limited space meets increased stability requirements. The positive properties of the two materials are ideal complements to each other.

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Motorabdeckung BMW Mini
Akustik-Design Motorabdeckung


As experts in developing complex plastic solutions, we know how important it can be to keep noise emissions to a minimum. In our solutions, we rely on a variety of measures to achieve the highest possible absorption of airborne and structure-borne noise. Among other things, we use absorption foam and various non-wovens for airborne sound insulation, and back injection of metal components as well as rubber-mounted fastening elements to provide structure-borne sound insulation. Examples of areas of application include engine covers for automobiles, and housings for household appliances. Working in collaboration with acoustics experts, we are continuously developing new, innovative ideas and solutions.

A case study of one of our solutions can be found here:

Beleuchtung Einstiegsleiste
Beleuchtung Studie ESL
Beleuchtung Cupholder


Illuminated modules can provide a real highlight when they skillfully insert themselves into the scene and are set in scene. As a partner who meets you eye to eye, we develop innovative, illuminated design elements. One example are our illuminated door sills - an elegant way to get into your vehicle.

In addition to classic lighting concepts, Weber Plastics Technology has also developed new, efficient lighting concepts working alongside competent partners. For example, even illumination with a large luminous surface length using only one LED.

Other lighting integration options include illuminated cup holders and storage compartments.

In this case, we give an example where we have already illuminated the darkness:

Blende BMW Mini


Producing high-quality surfaces is the supreme discipline of plastics processing. Thanks to years of experience and production know-how, we offer our customers components that integrate seamlessly into a vehicle's design and interior. To guarantee this result, we focus on both optics and haptics. Our portfolio includes high-gloss surfaces without lacquering and without visible weld lines, as well as decorative or high-gloss lacquered plastic solutions.

Examples of different solutions can be found here:

More information about our expertise in surfaces can be found here.

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