Building and heating technology

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Customer requirements for environmentally friendly products with high design standards, economical production methods and maximum safety have led them to rely on our expertise and technologies since 1959.

The needs of the market are the needs of our customers, and therefore also ours. For this reason, we have a deep familiarity with our customers' markets. We have been active for over six decades as a supplier and development partner for environmentally friendly products that feature high design standards and economical production processes. Our technologies, products and solutions are found in housing assemblies for electronic boiler controls, smart thermostats for the home, display functions for electricity meters and pipes for gas meters.

Since safety is the essential aspect in building technology, we focus at all times on our products' dimensional accuracy, dimensional stability, tightness and gas- or watertight welding. Combined with our end products' top quality and guaranteed safety, their diverse mix of different attributes make us a preferred partner to our customers.

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