Decorative bezels and cover parts

Decoration covers inside the vehicle are an extension of the entire design language of an automobile. That's why we attach great importance to the design and surface of our products, in order to integrate them seamlessly into the design.

Decorative panels give the interior of a vehicle its own look, usually differing not only from model to model, but also serving to distinguish between different equipment lines within a model series. For this reason, Weber Plastics Technology attaches great importance to design and surface in this regard. We offer customers highly individualised solutions with sophisticated lacquering parts using water or solvent-based decorative, haptic, special effect and high-gloss lacquers, as well as cover parts in trim-colour.

Another indication of the high quality of Weber Plastics Technology products are injection moulded high-gloss parts without visible weld lines. 

For years, our customers have transforme our expertise in plastics, surfaces and state-of-the-art manufacturing processes into their added value.

Product references

From theory to practice

We design and produce decorative panels, ornamental panels and cover parts that convince with their surface quality.


Decoration cover, Opel Astra

  • A perfect surface even with complicated geometries, thanks to fully automatic painting by 6-axis robots
  • Two-coat paint finish: Primer and top coat
  • Top coat variants: three decorative colours or high gloss black

You can read through the whole case study here:


Decorative bezels, Audi A4 and A5

  • Comprehensive decorative bezel set for centre console, instrument panel and door panels
  • Instrument panel bezels are also mounting platforms for technology such as climate control units, rotary light switches, etc.
  • Attractive painting with metallic effect lacquer
  • Highest surface quality thanks to special injection moulds with high-gloss surfaces, hot runner-cascade control and Variotherm temperature control

Anbauteile Luftführung
Anbauteile Luftführung
Anbauteile Luftführung
Anbauteile Luftführung

Cover parts incl. loudspeaker grilles, Audi A6 and A7

  • Innovation: For the first time, large, finely perforated loudspeaker screens made of plastic instead of expanded metal - continuous from the driver's side to the passenger's side, on the top of the instrument panel
  • A wide range of add-ons for the instrument panel: Loudspeaker panels, mounting support with defrost function, panels for a Head-Up display, combination panels with genuine chrome trim strips and air guidance parts 
  • Air guidance parts outfitted partly with servomotors for air dampers and LIN bus activation 
  • High-quality paint on all visible parts

Further product references

Mittelkonsolenmodul (geschlossen)
Transmission lever
 Transmission lever
Blende Mitte (Climatronic)

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