Air vents

Precision, functionality and haptics combined with unmatched expertise in implementation - it's what air vents from Weber Plastics Technology stand for.

Weber Plastics Technology brings a breeze of fresh air to automotive interiors in the literal sense of the term. If you are looking for highly customised air nozzles, you have come to the right place.

Whether you need air nozzles that are round, lamella or flat - we create tomorrow's solutions for our customers today with precision, functionality and haptics. The innovative power of the "Weber" brand was clear from the beginning, with our first ventilation grille project.

Product references

From theory to practice

Over the course of various projects, we have developed air nozzles whose function, feel and precision can be seamlessly integrated into the overall vehicle and design concept. It's a measure of success we like to hold ourselves to.

Frischluftgrills (Chrom, schwarz)
Luftausströmer (Chrom, außen, weiß)
Luftausströmer (Mitte, eckig)

Air outlet, BMW Mini

  • Innovation: A new operating concept for rectangular finned air nozzles = three functions combined in just one joystick-like operating button
  • One-button operation allows for simultaneous opening, closing and directional control of airflow
  • Gently cushioned usability and superior feel thanks to inner joints outfitted with hard-soft components

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