Center console modules, ashtrays, storage compartments & cupholders

When it comes to innovative solutions for various center console modules, Weber Plastics Technology has been a reliable partner to its customers for many years.

Weber Plastics Technology designs and produces centre console modules that combine ashtrays, storage compartments and cupholders in a number of varieties - completely according to customer wishes. Kinematic storage compartments in the instrument panel are also part of our portfolio. Our products and solutions combine functions such as 220V sockets / cigarette lighters, USB interfaces, wireless mobile interfaces and Near Field communication antennas. With these options, our customers are well-equipped to offer their own state-of-the-art products.

Our solutions are not only visually appealing; they also impress with their quality and pleasant feel. Our kinematic elements (e.g. rotary or sliding cover or shutter closure) have an extremely long life expectancy at maximum use. 

Our modules further serve to stabilise the center console and can be used flexibly, as with our mobile plug-in ashtray. As a matter of course, we manufacture our products in different variations to meet requirements for different regions, such as EMEA, USA and China.

Our expertise, paired with our consulting and development know-how make Weber Plastics Technology a solution provider that meet you on eye-level. Working in close collaboration with our customers, we provide individualised and complex kinematic solutions.

Product references

From theory to practice

We develop and realize center console modules that provide the user with greater comfort on the one hand, and give the vehicle significant added value on the other.

Cupholder-Kombi (geschlossen)
Cupholder-Kombi (halb geöffnet)
Cupholder-Kombi (geöffnet)

Center console module, BMW 7 Series

Mittelkonsolenmodul (schwebend geöffnet)
  • Innovation: two-part sliding cover
  • Recipient of two awards: the SPE Automotive Award 2016 and the TecPart Innovation Award 2016
  • Two-part lid allows for a lockable solution despite set limitations on available space
  • Stainless steel frame stabilises the center console
  • Integration of cover guideways by means of plastic-metal-hybrid injection moulding (stainless steel frame)
  • Cover halves slide over each other, saving space by means of a guide mechanism
  • Opening and closing the module, in two steps
  • Module components: Double cupholder, storage compartment, mobile ashtray, USB adapter, USB socket

You can read through the whole case study here:

Ablagefach (geschlossen)
Ablagefach mit Ascher (offen)
Ablagefach mit Ascher

Kinematics package, Mercedes E-Class

Kinematikmodul (geschlossen)
Kinematikmodul (offen)
Ablagefach Fond
Mobiler Ascher
Mobile Ascher
  • Highly variable modular system for various series in Europe and China
  • Integration of various electronic components
  • Attractive surfaces in four interior colours, directly injection moulded, without painting
  • Soft components allow for silky-soft and low-noise cover kinematics as well as high-quality haptics and optics
  • Center console module: lockable storage compartment with ashtray or with Wireless Mobile Interface incl. NFC antenna
  • Folding compartment: incl. USB socket and 220V socket or cigarette lighter with ashtray
  • Rear storage compartment: can also be used as a cupholder
  • Two different mobile ashtrays: Positioning in rear storage compartment or door pockets

You can read through the whole case study here:

Further product references

Cupholder mit Ablagefach
Kombi (offen, mit Schale)
Ablagefach Cupholder-Kombi (geöffnet)
Ablagefach Cupholder-Kombi (geöffnet)
Cupholder Kombi (offen)
Thermocupholder Audi Q5
Cupholder Audi A4
Cupholder-Kombi (geöffnet)
Ascher (geöffnet)
Schublade (geöffnet)

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