Weber Gruppe: Management


Clear speech: It's a language we speak fluently.

Our management places great value on clear decision-making structures, horizontal hierarchies and direct communication. This promotes personal responsibility at all levels.

Dr. Thomas Zipp, Geschäftsführender Gesellschafter der Weber Gruppe/CEO

Dr Thomas Zipp

Managing Partner of the Weber Group/CEO

“As a member of the third generation of family entrepreneurs, it is of pivotal importance for me to develop and further enhance the value of our company Weber Group based on the founding values of our family. At the same time, I am preparing the company, family successors and senior management for the challenges that await the next corporate generation.

The basis of all company success is our customers. We aim both to impress and fascinate them with our high level of commitment and passion. Our thinking and all of our actions are oriented towards nurturing tangible, outstanding customer benefits through extraordinary solutions and our trademark reliability. Our customers’ feedback spurs us on to further effective improvements.

However, the key to Weber’s high-quality services is our professional employees at all locations worldwide. This global value chain is precisely what makes us such an attractive and authentic partner for our customers. Their feedback provides us with constant motivation to deliver effective improvements."

Boris Zipser, Geschäftsführer der Weber Gruppe/COO

Boris Zipser

General Manager of the Weber Group/COO

“As the Management Board, our focus is on continuous, future-oriented and profitable development for the company and its employees. In an era of digital transformation, this requires an increased willingness to adapt, and to regard product innovation, technologies and organisational forms as key factors to success.

I attach great importance to viewing change as an opportunity and courageously embark on new paths. Only in this way will we be able to distinguish ourselves from the competition and remain a captivating business partner for our customers over the long term.

We are constantly strengthening our personal, organisational and technological skills; new core skills are added with a view to the future.

Our joint success is founded on the mutual appreciation and passionate commitment of our employees and managers."

Jürgen Deters

General Manager of the Weber Group/CFO

Jürgen Deters, CFO der Weber Gruppe

"The task of the General Management team is to steer the company towards a successful future.

Together, we – General Management, the Staff Council and employees – are called upon to passionately and imaginatively fulfil our responsibilities and, in line with our mission, to bring the fascinating world of Weber to life on a daily basis for our business partners and for all of us.
A fast-moving market environment that requires us all to be extremely willing to change and to work hard is the source of diverse challenges.

Of particular importance to me are transparency in business processes, a solid financial basis for the company, continuous further development at all levels and the personal commitment of every single person. Our success is rooted in the values of the family-owned company, and in particular in appreciative, friendly interaction."

Wojciech Bajan, Leiter des Geschäftsbereichs wezi-tec

Wojciech Bajan

General Manager wezi-tec

(Poland plant)

"If you want to lead people properly, you can't let them run in front of you, you must let them follow you. I rely on commitment, creativity, mutual respect and teamwork – I see this combination as a source of our corporate success."

Connor Zhang

Connor Zhang

General Manager Weber Suzhou

(China plant)

"Pursuing excellence is our driving force.

As a subsidiary of the Weber Group, we strive for excellence in design, quality and service. Our customers are our top priority; we take our work seriously and view challenges as opportunities. We work hard, smart and passionately.

All of this makes us an excellent partner."