Die Werte von wezi-mould

Our Values

On the way to new destinations since 1949

Passionate, valuable, cooperative in partnership and imaginative – these are the values the Weber Group lives and breathes.

The values of the Weber Group are a reflection of what drives us and defines our corporate culture. They define our motives and principles of action. They demonstrate, both internally and externally, what we care about at Weber Group. We seek to live our fascination and make it palpable to our customers. Our corporate values – passion, value, partnership and imagination – are at the centre of all our actions.

The mission of Weber Plastics Technology

We have made it our mission to make Weber fascination a tangible experience for our business partners. That's our mission. We create ideas and exceptional solutions with expertise and passion that inspire with their real added value and are based on our values: Passionate, valuable, cooperative in partnership and imaginative. Our mission and our values are the red thread that guide our business thinking and acting.
 We captivate customers with the highest level of professionalism and meeting our partners eye to eye. Challenges spur us to keep pushing the boundaries of what is possible.
We are aware that this would not be possible without our employees. It is our employees who shape the Weber Group with their individuality and commitment. Working together, we create a company that radiates powerfully from the inside out, making captivation a tangible experience.

The values of the Weber Group:


We do our job enthusiastically and with great dedication. The way in which we achieve our excellent performance is what defines us. We are wholeheartedly committed to what we do, and we always do it as well as we can in order to continue our success story – day in, day out.


We create extraordinary and efficient solutions that contribute significantly to the success of our customers and our employees. At the same time, we are increasing the value of our family-run company from generation to generation.

Cooperative in partnership

We can only be successful together. We appreciate a partnership that is based on equality and fairness. We deal with each other as well as with our business partners as equals. Mutual support, appreciation and openness are important to us.


We want to fascinate and to develop further. As experts, we meet challenges with enthusiasm and creativity. This allows us to create modern, unique solutions that enable ourselves and our customers to be one step ahead at all times.

Unsere Werte: Nachhaltigkeit


Unsere Werte: Soziale Verantwortung

Social responsibility