Automotive exteriors

First impressions count.

As a specialist in decorative and functional components and assemblies, we know that precision and a perfect surface take top priority in the automotive exterior sector.

Design plays a major role in customer's choice of an automobile. This makes a clear design language that continues seamlessly even into the smallest details all the more important. Weber Plastics Technology has years of experience specialising in decorative and functional components and assemblies. We focus on precise fits and a perfect surface.

We lead this field in complete assemblies, including the integration of various functions such as functional and decorative metal parts, lighting and electric drives. This also holds true for highly complex requirements.

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From theory to practice

We develop high-quality solutions that support the brand design language of our customers. The products of Weber Plastics Technology are sure to catch people's eye!

Elektrische Ladeklappe (geschlossen)
Elektrische Ladeklappe (geöffnet)
Elektrische Ladeklappe (Rückseite)

Electric charging port flap, Audi e-tron

  • World's first fully electric charging port flap for series vehicles
  • Compatibile with all globally standardised charging plugs
  • User comfort: Electrical opening and closing at the touch of a button, integrated LED search field illumination and charge level indicator
  • Innovative implementation of locking kinematics through metal substitution: Plastic components highly reinforced with glass-fibre feature wall thicknesses of up to 11 mm, withstanding mechanical stress over the long term 
  • Locking kinematics incl. protection against misuse and emergency release

You can read through the whole case study here:


Door sill panels, Audi A4, A6, Q5 and Q7

  • Versatile range of material and surface solutions: Aluminium decorative inserts in lacquered, printed, anodised, brushed, high-gloss or etched finish
  • Fully automated assembly of decor insert and plastic carrier

You can read through the whole case study here:

Einstiegsleiste Beleuchtung (Prototyp)
Einstiegsleiste Beleuchtung (Prototyp)

Door sill panels, prototype (series in preparation)

  • Innovative lighting concept
  • Enables even illumination of large areas of text using only one LED light

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