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Automotive Powertrain

We get under the skin, and the hood.

We are a leading supplier for design and acoustic engine covers. The type of propulsion - whether it is combustion engine or electric motor - does not matter.

At Weber Plastics Technology, it is clear that in addition to function and acoustics, there is another point to consider for engine covers: the optics. After all, it's the first thing a vehicle owner sees when he opens the hood of his vehicle. For this reason, we at Weber Plastics Technology always strive to combine function, appearance and acoustics. The type of propulsion, whether internal combustion engine or electric motor, does not matter - we can develop ideal covers for both types of drive.

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We develop high-quality solutions that support the brand design language of our customers. The products of Weber Plastics Technology are sure to catch people's eye!

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Acoustic design engine cover, Audi A6 and A8

  • High quality design in a variety of surfaces: Three different grain surfaces, high-gloss surfaces and painted and printed elements side by side
  • 3D embossed and contour-welded PUR foam mat optimises acoustics and stability (tested dimensional stability with cold peeling force down to -40°C)

You can read through the whole case study here:

Batteriekonsole oben
Batteriekonsole unten

Battery console, Volkswagen Polo and T-Cross, Seat Ibiza and Arosa as well as Škoda Rapid

  • Can withstand acceleration values of up to 35 g without the need for an additional holding bracket - even forces of up to 65 g with a bracket
  • Braced by glass fibre-reinforced plastic, plastic ribbed structure and hybrid assembly technology (plastic-metal)
  • Modular solution: capable of holding three different battery sizes

You can read through the whole case study here:

Further product references

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Motorabdeckung Carbon (Rückseite)
Motorabdeckung BMW
Motorabdeckung BMW
Abdeckteil / Ölwannenabdeckung
Abdeckteil / Ölwannenabdeckung
Motorabdeckung BMW Mini (Vorderseite)
Motorabdeckung BMW Mini (Rückseite)
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